How Does It Work?

For those with loads of gear, you can’t ask for a better camping tent. Everything related to your product—your bedding, pillows, annex walls, pegs, guy ropes, etc.—all fit under the exterior travel cover of your rooftop tent, allowing more storage space for other camping gear. With its rapid open and self-supporting design—no assembling of poles required—all you have to do is remove the travel cover and fold the tent open. After that, you’re ready to camp. It really is that easy!

Adventure Sole Rooftop Tents can mount to almost any vehicle with a rooftop rack and can even go above a box trailer, boat, or Jet-Ski trailer. You also have the choice to have the tent fold out to the rear or to either side of your vehicle. At the back of the annex walls, there is a zip panel that enables you to open your rear or side door—depending on how the tent is fitted—to access your belongings.

The Advantages

Rooftop Tents

The Adventure Sole Rooftop Tent will take you on any adventure. You don’t have to worry about the elements with our high-quality product. Here are some of the many advantages of having a rooftop tent:

Rugged Styling

Vanity befalls the best of us. Rooftop Tents have a certain visual appeal that mainstream tents often lack. With your Adventure Sole Rooftop tent, you can be the talk of your camping site.

Better Visibility

The penthouse suite of camping shelters, Adventure Sole RT allows you to enjoy the panoramic views when elevated above your vehicle and provides better outward visibility.

Year Round Storage

Additional year-round storage will ensure you will always have the room to store all your camping gear without the stress of packing and unpacking every time you want to go on a weekend adventure. With the added storage, you’ll have plenty of room for your friends and family to join you. With little drag on your car and with its protective cover, your tent will be safe from the elements that usually cause havoc over time. The tent is easily removed when not in use and can be stored in your garage; ready to mount on your vehicle when you’re ready for your next adventure.


You’ll be able to get this tent set up in just minutes, which can be a real blessing if you encounter some nasty weather on your adventure. You don’t need a clear space. You can set it up over rocks, stumps, wet ground, and many other places where you could never pitch a traditional tent.


The rooftop tent, being elevated off the ground and with a foam, insulated base and foam mattress makes it very warm by tent standards. Good enough to endure middle of the desert winter nights. Traditional ground tents leech the cold from the ground, leaving you shivering through the night. You’re also not collecting as much sand and dirt into your tent like in a traditional tent, which is always a plus.


Putting you above your vehicle puts you up and away from any dangerous animals that might be lurking around your campsite, giving you the peace of mind needed for a good night’s sleep.

Mounting on Racks


Adventure Sole Rooftop Tents are designed to mount directly and securely onto most roof racks or aftermarket roof bars. They can be fully set up in just a matter of minutes, without the necessity of drilling or modifying, and can be left on your vehicle year around. IMPORTANT: Please keep in mind that every vehicle manufacturer has a specification for maximum dynamic rooftop loading while operating the vehicle. Always, always, always check with the manufacturer for the rating of your factory-installed roof rack (if you have one) to determine weight limitations as they vary from vehicle to vehicle, based on total weight capacity of the vehicle. We always recommend that you fit your vehicle with aftermarket engineered cross bars or rack systems (Thule, Yakima, Rhino Rack, etc.).

Installation Instructions

Each tent includes two galvanized runners that are inserted into the base of the tent flush with the bottom surface and stretch its entire length. Four galvanized steel brackets come standard and can be placed in any location along the runners to align with the cross bar spread and securely hold the unit to the rack at four location points.

  1. Ensure roof rack cross bars have adequate length to span beyond the outside measurements of your Adventure Sole Rooftop Tent (RT).
  2. With the help of a second person, lift your Adventure Sole RT into location from the side of your vehicle.
  3. Center your Adventure Sole RT over your vehicle and roof rack system.
  4. Take the four universal runner brackets and locate them in the C-shaped runners on the underside of your Adventure Sole RT at the cross bar location.
  5. Take straight bracket component, place over cross bar, and then seat bolts through the straight bracket component and thread into runner brackets.
  6. Securely tighten the bolts on both sides.
  7. Repeat for all four mounting locations.
  8. Take a short test drive with your Adventure Sole RT mounted to your roof rack.
  9. Check all bolts and re-tighten.
  10. Your Adventure Sole RT is ready for travel.
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