True outdoor adventurers know weather is always a variable. Regardless of what the forecast says, the nicest day can turn into a violent tempest in the blink of an eye. When the climate turns foul on you, it pays to have shelter that will help you weather the storm. Our Adventure Sole Rooftop Tents will keep you safe from the elements, give you space to breathe, and will never fail you when you need them.


Adventure Sole Rooftop Tents have been on the market for quite a while. Their enduring popularity is a testament to the quality of their construction. Many campers have given our products hard use for years, which means our tents have been put through the paces… and came out strong. Our tents are durable and tough—designed to last.


What you require from a tent varies with location and weather conditions. One night, you might need protection from vertically falling rain. Another, you might need shelter from strong winds and horizontally blowing rain. And still another, the skies may be clear, the wind only a gentle breeze… and bug protection all you need. Tents that can adapt to varying conditions, and can be used in locations that do not permit a perfect pitch, can save time, money, and energy. With an Adventure Sole Rooftop Tent, you have the adaptability to pitch anywhere your vehicle can go, as well as the versatility of several degrees of protection.


You don’t have to give up style, comfort, or convenience to have your own Adventure Sole Rooftop Tent. We make it our goal to provide an affordable product to our customers, without sacrificing quality and comfort. It is our mission to offer more affordable alternatives to pricey travel trailers.


Adventure Sole Rooftop Tents offer the best luxuries and conveniences possible in the market of rooftop tents. All of our products come with built-in, high-density foam mattresses that are stowed inside the tent during travel. You’ll appreciate the privacy and comfort the Annex room gives you, allowing a space to sit comfortably and enjoy your outdoor adventure.


When it comes to staying safe and enjoying great views, rooftop tents are the way to go. The tents keep you safe, dry, and comfortable several feet above the dirt—away from everything nature can throw your way. However, always remember you are above a vehicle. If you fall, you can seriously injure yourself, so be careful. Make sure your vehicle’s emergency brake is on while in your tent as well.

A letter from the owner

Adventure Sole Rooftop Tents (RT) is for outdoor enthusiasts who love gear and have a passion for adventure.

Headquartered in the beautiful Inland Northwest, Adventure Sole RT’s vision is simple… to deliver our customers the highest-quality, vehicle-based expedition equipment on the market. Whether you’re a hunter, hiker, skier, camper, etc., if you love the outdoors, we have the gear for you.

Bordered by the Cascade Mountains on the west and the Rocky Mountains on the east, the Inland Northwest’s geography is vast and beautiful. It’s a place where you can drive around, look up at a mountain, and say to yourself, I might hike up there someday. Or maybe you are more of a fisherman and passing rivers makes you think, I might fish that stretch next summer. Whichever sport you prefer, you will find yourself with seemingly limitless outdoor possibilities.

But as our outdoor adventures began, we noticed one thing that was slowing us down—our gear. Our traditional tents were no longer providing us with the safety, comfort, and durability we needed.

After two different stints with a bull moose walking into our campsite, we realized we needed something safer, more durable, and higher off the ground. Building a tree house at every campsite we went to seemed a bit excessive, so we did our homework and came upon rooftop tents that were popular decades ago for African safaris, as well as expeditions to the Australian outback. If those types of tents could survive there, they could survive anywhere. So we gave them a shot and fell in love with them. Since then, we have been improving our rooftop tents, have them patent pending, and have marketed them worldwide.

Adventure Sole RT will give you the ability and confidence to camp in any terrain and in any condition. It’s the ultimate in comfort, convenience, and protection. From the jungles of Borneo to the coast of New Zealand, Adventure Sole Rooftop Tents are being used by thousands of people all over the world.

We love our Adventure Sole Rooftop Tents and feel you will too. Thanks for trying us out, and please continue to enjoy the good life!

-Justin Anderson, Owner

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